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A modern enterprise that produces non-alcoholic beverages is a complicated mechanism; every part should work like clockwork to ensure quality – the most important aspect of the manufacturing process. The plant completely meets this requirement.
Simeks has technological equipment that allows producing 10 different competitive products. It is almost impossible to imagine that at the end of the 1990s, when the plant opened, the production capacity of the assembly line was only 2400 bottles per hour.
Today the workshops of the plant are equipped with modern equipment of the Italian company Maxipal, Austrian company Kosme, Polish firm Linker Europe and the American company CMS Gilbreth, which allow manufacturing 6000 bottles per hour. All stages of production, including bottle manufacturing, beverage bottling, corking and labelling, and packaging are done as one single automatized network. The modernized equipment has allowed to increase the quantity of the manufactured products, to diversify the range of beverages, and to improve the visual look of the bottle by changing the paper label into a modern polypropylene label.
Our main product is water. There are two borehole water sources (both 153 meters deep) on the territory of the plant; they are used to manufacture all types of beverages. A three-stage filtration system allows all qualities of the pure natural water to be preserved. The fresh and delicate water from these sources is one of the key successes of products made in our plant.
The Artesian water, basic raw materials and flavourings of leading manufacturers, as well as highly-qualified staff, our personal research laboratory, and modern technologies all ensure the high quality that meets the top European standards. The high quality of our products has been evaluated in Latvia; we hold the Certificate of Conformity from the Latvian Certification Centre “LATSERT”. The plant has a HACCP safety system that corresponds to ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, and OHSAS 8001:1999 standard requirements.

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Wholesale and retail purchase of the company`s products

– Drinking water Kekavas Avots
– Flavoured drinking water Della and Fruit Della
– Juice drink Sole Fonte
– Kvass Jaunsili Premium
– Beer Varpa
– Drinking water Amrita

Manufacture of products by order

– Reseller brand soft drink manufacture (Private Label);
– Manufacture of products according to your favourite recipe or any brand recipe;
– Bottling of soft drinks of volumes from 0.25 to 2.5 litres;
– Packing can be of various non-standard sizes, shapes and level of complexity;
– Manufacture of alcoholic drinks – the company has the necessary license and permission.

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