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Project Description

Ancient traditions of real kvass

Naturally fermented kvass, contains 0.5% alcohol.

The beverage has a unique sour and sweet taste and flavour that suggests the ancient tradition of the production of this kvass.

The water which is an integral ingredient of this kvass is extracted from the 153-metre deep Artesian well and enriches the taste bouquet of the drink.

In February 2012, a new product kvass Jaunsili Premium was introduced to the Latvian market by Simeks. The unique kvass Jaunsili Premium is made according to traditional recipes of the best kvass makers. It is 100% natural kvass, produced according to classical fermentation technologies using natural raw materials. A pleasant sour taste, moderate sweetness and the flavour of rye bread with a light smell of yeast prove the authenticity of the classical recipe. The incomparable taste of this beverage testifies the strict quality control of the product at all stages of production. Kvass Jaunsili Premium is a perfect mildly-carbonated refreshing drink consumed with pleasure that contains many nutrients.

Eco product

Brewed on wood

Our kvass is brewed using an open fire instead of steam.

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