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Project Description

Quenches thirst and gives energy

Kekavas Avots is the source of our pride. This water accessed from the 153-meter deep Artesian well is the basis for all drinks made by Simeks.
That is why we carefully monitor the chemical composition and natural qualities of the water. We believe that there is nothing more perfect than a sip of clean, tasty and fresh water!

Advantages of the water Kekavas Avots

  • Pleasant and light taste of natural water

  • Bright and eye-catching packaging
  • Convenient shape of the bottles

Product of the Year

Artesian well

Products that are branded Kekavas Avots


The water is rich in minerals and important microelements

The water is accessed from a 153-meter deep Artesian well

The water passes through all stages of purification before the bottling stage

The water has a balanced chemical composition

The product was “Product of the Year” in Latvia numerous times (in 2003, 2006, 2011, 2012, 2013)

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