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Project Description

For real beer enthusiasts

All three beers are elites that were especially developed for true lovers of beer. The main characteristic of all three beers is complete adherence to classic brewery standards.

Every beer has an original recipe and brewing process created especially for each brand of beer. The ingredients (water, malt and hops) are of the highest quality, and their combination with strict adherence to production technology allowed us to make such sorts of beer that are different from others.

As earlier mentioned, the beer is brewed according to the classic brewing approach, so beer fermentation and maturation processes are performed in different containers. We do not use any ferments or additives in the brewing process; consequently the brewing process takes 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the beer. Hence every beer has a unique colour and aroma.

Each beer has its own fermentation and maturation process.

Transparent golden colour, moderate strength of beer with a smooth taste in perfect combination with hop bitterness and sweet wort with a shade of caramel taste. Light beer made from high quality barley malt, rice and special beer yeast.

The beer is special with its tenderness and fullness of taste with slight bitterness. It is brewed from high quality light malt; the taste is soft due to the addition of wheat malt, subtle hop flavour, yet delicate bitter thanks to several elite German hops.

Dark beer made to a special recipe from a mixture of dark malts, so the beer has a firm thick head. The beer is characterized by an excellent combination of unique soft taste, rich velvet colour and a delicate aroma, and the caramel malt adds a pleasant aftertaste.

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